Urban Morph


Clean Air Street
Testbeds & Living labs

Urban Morph was the India partner for the The Innovation for Clean Air (IfCA) program in association with Catapult, UK. In collaboration with DULT, GOK we ran a MoHUA's UMI award winning testbed in the country for 15 SME's from India and the UK called CLean Air Street testbed.

Neighbourhood Improvement Partnership
Community Intervention

Accelerating adoption of sustainable transportation in neighbourhoods with specific interventions. From planning to implementation of public bicycle stands with other awareness programs like Cycle Days and Walk to School has increased the mode share of walking and cycling in the neighbourhood.

Report by Sonal Kulkarni & Ritumoni Sonowal
Benchmarking mobility

Provided technical expertise as a part of the Station Access Mobility Plan a comprehensive index was created to benchmark and rate intermodal connectivity in Metro stations with other transport nodes.

Team members Sonal Kulkarni, Sylvia Prakash, Ritumoni Sonowal, Nisha Poulouse
Cycle To Work Platform
Engagement for Impact

Technology platform to acclerate adoption of Cycle to Work using gamification and make infrastructure decisions using data. Cyclists from more than 350 companies are participating in this one of a kind platform in the country. This has led to changes in allocation of cycling infrastructure in Bengaluru in the Comprehensive Mobility Plan and creation of pop-up bicycle lanes on the Outer Ring Road

Bicycle Lanes
Infrastructure Planning

Built systems to collect cycling data from users for demand planning. Currently assisting the Bicycle Mayor of Bengaluru in setting up and running the Council for Active Mobility with 30 Bicycle Councillors working towards Walking & Cycling Infrastructure/Communication campaigns in Bengaluru.

Logistics Platform

Casc-Aid is a hyperlocal, rapid response, logistics platform built by Urban Morph to serve as an easily accessible upstream platform for on ground action. Built for Relief Riders during the pandemic, it is now helping create livelihood in the rural areas through our MoU with Dakshas Foundation. It is being repurposed to accelerate Extended Producer Responsibilities in the waste management space.