AltMo digest

The AltMo digest, Released on June 3rd World Bicycle Day 2023, with a foreword from the commissioner of Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Government of Karnataka, takes you through the journey of all the cycling related progress Bengaluru has made.

By Sathya Sankaran, Nidhi KS, Anoushka S

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Sustainable Museums

There hasnt been a comprehensive document catering to museum sustainability in India. This is the first such effort by Urban Morph in collaboration with ReReeti foundation, Culture Declares Emergency and Indian Museums Against Climate Change.

By Subbaiah TS, Nidhi KS, Karthik SK

Sustainable Museums flipbook

Clean Air Testbed

In collaboration with DULT, GOK, under Innovation for Clean Air (IfCA) program in association with Catapult, UK, we ran a MoHUA's UMI award winning testbed in the country for 15 SME's from India and the UK.

By Sathya Sankaran

Testbed report

EV Cargo Testbed

The EV Cargo testbed put innovators to task of electrifying last mile deliveries for Swiggy. The results showed substantial savings and little to no impact on deliveries when the delivery executives switched to EV's.

EV Cargo Testbed

Benchmarking Mobility

Provided technical expertise as a part of the Station Access Mobility Plan a comprehensive index was created to benchmark and rate intermodal connectivity in Metro stations with other transport nodes.

By Sonal Kulkarni, Sylvia Prakash, Ritumoni Sonowal, Nisha Poulouse

Benchmarking Mobility

Environmental Impact

Technology platform to enable data led decision making with dashboards for Transport planners and operators. Officially adopted by City, State and Transport operators in India. More than 535 companies from 74 cities across the world are represented on the platform.

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Infrastructure Planning

Accelerating adoption of sustainable transportation in neighbourhoods with specific interventions. From planning to implementation of public bicycle stands with other awareness programs like Cycle Days and Walk to School has increased the mode share of walking and cycling in the neighbourhood.

By Sonal Kulkarni & Ritumoni Sonowal

Community Interventions

Data-led Decisions

Built technology and systems to collect cycling data from users for demand planning. Currently assisting the Bicycle Mayor of Bengaluru in setting up and running the Council for Active Mobility with 30 Bicycle Councillors working towards Walking & Cycling Infrastructure and Communication campaigns in Bengaluru.

Infrastructure Planning